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Android Mobile Wallet BETA

Public beta v.0.1

This is a public beta release v.0.1 that might be buggy.
You've been warned :-)

Report bugs here

Wallet Features


Light wallet - blockchain is not stored on your device; blocks/transactions are scanned remotely via API

Payments are routed via community masternodes for a small fee (not more than 10 PLURA)

Secure - wallet is stored on your device only; no personal data are sent to the sync servers; outgoing transfers are securely created and signed on your device and broadcasted to the network via masternodes

Wallet physical security - asks for PIN or fingerprint to unlock your wallet

Notifications - get notified when you receive a payment

Supports background syncing so your wallet is still up to date

Can scan QR code for faster payments

Supports address book for easier transfers (e.g. when you deposit to the exchange)

Easy wallet export or restore - mnemonic seed or private keys

Mobile data limit can be set so you don't run of your credit (WiFi sync only)

Automatic or manual wallet optimization

Enable / disable coinbase transactions scanning in case you have mined.

Before you download the wallet ...

If you have an "old" wallet consider creating a new wallet in the mobile app and transfer your funds to this newly create wallet. You don't want your phone to download 836,000+ blocks (3+ years of PLURA existence) and process them. Cell phones are much more slower than you desktop or laptop and it will take some time to sync the old wallet.

Consider to not to carry all your funds in the mobile wallet - phone can be lost, stolen or broken.

Always make sure you have your wallet backed up in a form of mnemonic seed or private keys outside of your mobile device.

Read Settings > FAQ.

Enable Settings > Speed Up Background Syncing to speed up sync process.

You need to allow installation from Unknown Sources (Settings > Security) to install following APK file. You need o know what you are doing otherwise wait for an official release on Google Play.


Download pre-release v.0.1 beta APK Browse repository