PLURA is Anonymous and Untraceable Cryptocurrency

Highly private, untraceable blockchain transactions on decentralized network operated by users.

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Why PluraCoin?

Quick Payment Method

Enables the transfer of value across an accessible network ecosystem that is secure, flexible and scalable.

Highly Private

Complete anonymity and privacy using cryptographic technology ring signatures.


Transactions on the PluraCoin blockchain cannot be linked to a particular user or real-world identity.


PluraCoin follows vision of a secure digital cash operated by a network of users.

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What is PluraCoin

With PluraCoin (PLURA), you can send private, secure, instant and near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world. You can send or receive your money safely - nobody can see your balances or activity.

PLURA also has many existing tools which (with some adjustments) can be joined together to provide neccessary backend for B2C or B2B implementation. We also own BTCSquare crypto exchange so we can provide additional liquidity.
PLURA can also be traded for USD, EUR, BTC and LTC currently.

Crypto e-Commerce Payment Solution (CEPS)

PLURA and its CEPS simply follow the original idea of bringing digital cryptocurrencies closer to the common people, not only IT professionals or computer enthusiasts but now with a huge focus to provide an easy online payment system with available e-commerce integration.

Super Low Fees

Adaptive minimum transaction fees.
When Bitcoin fees can be easily about $25 to send a single transaction then there's a PLURA with dynamic fee of approx. $0.00033 (0.7 PLURA).

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Secure And Anonymous

Anonymity of payments without the ability to track them. Cryptographically protected. Backed out worldwide by the distributed blockchain ledger.

Detailed Tech Explanation

User Friendly

Other coins are mostly designed for crypto enthusiast. We keep in mind that to make crypto successfull in the future then regular users need to be able to understand to crypto tools.

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Phase 1
  • PluraCoin has been launched as stable platform for future development along with a complex set of support tools like GUI / CLI / offline wallets, block explorer, official mining pool and web miner.
  • Listed at Stocks.Exchange, TradeOgre, CREX24, OctaEx, BTCsquare (PLURA/BTC)
  • Infrastructure extended with Masternodes.
  • Windows / OS X / Linux wallet, Web wallet
  • Tools and improvements: Easy web configurator (Click & mine), New RPC security methods, Poisson check integration, Blockchain reorganization depth limit
Phase 2
  • Acquisition of cryptocurrency exchange BTCsquare
  • Listing fees on BTCSquare are accepted in PLURA
  • Listed at Finexbox, new USD & EUR markets at CREX24, LTC market at TradeOgre
  • Tools and improvements: Distributed banlist, Proof of payment implementation, PLURA GUI QT wallet updates, Listing votes on BTCsquare for PLURA, Checkpoints, IP ban list and daemon version check moved to DNS with DNSSEC enabled
Phase 3
  • Crypto e-Commerce Payment Solution launch
  • PLURA as BTCsquare's exchange utility token
  • Loading...Strong focus on user acquisition - BTCsquare and PLURA paid marketing campaigns
  • Loading...Community build-up
  • Loading...Partnership negotiation
  • Loading...T1 exchanges listing

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